Trade Deals – Running Out of Time and Opportunities

When it’s working well, international trade allows a country to be paid for what it does best and to be supplied with imports at prices lower than its domestic producers may ask. Advantages such as abundant natural resources, superior design or quality, efficient transportation and competitively priced labor skills are present in the US, and […]

Coalition Urges U.S. to Strengthen IP Laws in Trade Negotiations

This coalition letter calls for the strong enforcement of intellectual property (IP) laws in trade against all infringers — foreign or domestic.  IP theft is costing the U.S. economy nearly $600 billion each year, with the rise of online theft being a major contributing factor which undermines U.S. innovation and investment.  Free trade is essential, […]

Foreign Trade’s Essential Role in Our Economy and Employment

The annual US Gross National Product increased to 17.3 trillion US dollars in 2017.   In 2016, US exports and imports were 12.7% and 15.6% of US GDP respectively.  A trade deficit (excess of imports over exports) will lead us to issue debt to finance the 2.9% GDP imbalance.  A trade surplus would be a far […]

Jobs That Depend on Good Negotiations

Mention jobs and you have everyone’s attention.  Mention balance of trade and there are groans and a rush to exit the room.  Both are important and are tightly connected.  Today, the US exports less goods and services than it imports.  The resulting trade deficit means we borrow dollars to finance our excess of imports over […]

A Short Review of the President-Elect’s 100-Day Plan

A compact outline of what to expect from the early days of President-Elect Trump is revealed in his Contract with the American Voter.  A more compact version of the Contract is available in the last 2 pages below.  The Contract states President-Elect Trump’s intentions for the early days of his presidency.   The 100-day time frame […]

Triggering Brexit and Slashing EU Regulations

In June 2016, British voters opted to sever the political ties and rule of laws set by the European Union (EU).  Voters chose that direction despite warnings the breakup could damage the British economy by making trade with the European Union’s single market more difficult.  The “Brexit” was to be engineered over a couple of […]

Growth Stimulus Too Good To Pass By

US consumers would benefit greatly from some realistic ideas for stimulating growth. The usual suspects have been ultimately disreputable shovel-ready infrastructure projects and tax rate reductions. Infrastructure projects too often turn into out-of-control, over-budget repeats of The Big Dig, and tax cuts seldom can attract bipartisan support. For many years, a proposal called the Trans […]

Judging the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership

Although it may be poorly understood, international trade is important to Americans. In August 2015, we imported $233.4 billion in goods and services, pushing down prices and enriching consumers’ choices. In the other direction, we exported $185.1 billion in goods and services supporting millions of American jobs. International trade rules matter to us because they […]

The Unseemly Scuffle over Trade

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) evolved from discussions starting in 2005.  The goal was to promote freer trade through treaties including in agriculture, intellectual property, services and investments, where the US has a comparative advantage.  Any resulting treaties would ostensibly allow our trading partners to import in areas where they excel, while Americans export goods […]

The European Union of Economic Strife

The European Union (EU) is a large trading partner for the US and so the EU’s economic health matters to American consumers and workers.  We exchange goods and services from comparably skilled labor forces and from well-capitalized industries with comparable technology.  Our trade with the EU is not about offshoring jobs to subsistence-wage workers. While the […]