The Hill: House Transportation Bill a Big Loser For Consumers

Congressional members on the Transportation Committee have much work to do on their proposed infrastructure bill. One first step, across all political allegiances, should be to drop unnecessary regulatory provisions in the transportation legislation that would only serve to increase consumer prices by increasing the costs of transporting goods by rail. As the economy works […]

Increasing the Passenger Facility Charge Would Be Costly to American Travelers

Airports have recently intensified their lobbying efforts to raise the Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) – possibly doubling the charge. A new report finds that increasing the PFC would suppress economic activity, reduce consumer benefits by billions of dollars, and cost thousands of jobs. On top of these harmful effects, increasing the PFC is unnecessary. PFC […]

ACI in the Morning Consult: Banning Silicone Would Cripple Transportation Industry

Silicone is ubiquitous in our everyday lives; it’s found in millions of products we come into contact with every day, from sunroofs and smartphones to personal care products and medical devices. Yet efforts are underway, primarily in Europe, to impose draconian regulations on silicone products in the name of environmental protection. But advocates of restrictions […]

Daily Caller: The Return of Transporation Regulations Means Higher Costs for Consumers

This op-ed, published in the Daily Caller and written by Alan Daley, talks about the resurgence of railroad regulations.  Before the 1970s, rail was heavily regulated and going out of business.  The deregulation that followed led to huge productivity gains and precipitous drops in prices, benefiting shippers and consumers.  It looks like regulation is creeping […]

ConsumerGram: Reregulating Railroads is the Wrong Track for Consumers

Today, the American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research announces the release of its newest ConsumerGram, outlining the importance of freight rail and how reregulating the industry would be detrimental to American consumers. Prior to 1980, the financial viability of the rail industry was threatened by overly-burdensome regulations that drove-up operating costs and increased the […]

White House 2014 Budget Proposal Surprises

In the recent proposal for a 2014 budget, the White House offered consumers a 10-year outlook of proposed federal spending and revenues.  So far, tax hikes and entitlement cuts to Social Security and Medicare have attracted the most news coverage, but there are some remarkable budget numbers in the Energy and Transportation sections of Table […]