The Economic Standard: IPI Model Will Cause Shortage of Life-Saving Drugs

Access to life-saving treatments makes a tremendous difference in the lives of Medicare patients. We cannot expect to copy the price models of other nations without inheriting the grueling flaws that come with these price controls. Hopefully, for the sake of consumers, President Biden’s administration will reverse Trump on this. The entire piece is available […]

Washington Examiner: Cash for Coal Cronies: Trump’s Wrongheaded Energy Directive

Trump’s recent decision to force grid operators to buy power from unprofitable coal and nuclear plants at above-market rates has been widely and appropriately criticized as an unjustified, harmful intrusion into America’s energy markets. It may not be hyperbolic to say that Trump’s move constitutes, as The Washington Post editorial board put it, “the most […]

Daily Caller: Consumers will Bear the Brunt of Trump’s Decision to Support Unprofitable Coal and Nuclear Plants

If you’re looking for an example of a vocal, politically-connected special interest securing government favors, look no further than President Trump’s recent decision to launch an unprecedented intervention into America’s energy markets to rescue failing coal and nuclear power plants. While a small group of energy companies stand to benefit from these subsidies, the rest […]

ACI in the Daily Caller: Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Should Make Investments Last

President-elect Trump has vowed to rebuild America’s aging highways, bridges, airports and other key areas. But these investments will be for naught if stronger storm resiliency standards are not included in this ambitious infrastructure plan. To continue reading, visit the Daily Caller —  

Where to Start on the Promised Initiatives

Is there a right sequence for Congress to tackle the expected initiatives of the new Administration?  Consumers want growth in the economy and wages, sanity in healthcare services and costs, protection from hostile nations and hate groups, and an end to officials encouraging divisive identity politics. The core of the President-elect’s promised initiatives was to […]

A Short Review of the President-Elect’s 100-Day Plan

A compact outline of what to expect from the early days of President-Elect Trump is revealed in his Contract with the American Voter.  A more compact version of the Contract is available in the last 2 pages below.  The Contract states President-Elect Trump’s intentions for the early days of his presidency.   The 100-day time frame […]