Inside Sources: The PRO Act Undermines Worker Freedom

Since 1943, 27 states across the country have implemented right-to-work laws. Those laws ban unions from compelling workers to join, amounting to over $400 in membership dues each year. Despite the overwhelming popularity and the economic prosperity right-to-work laws have brought to states, politicians are now seeking to repeal them. President Joe Biden made repealing right-to-work laws a central pillar […]

Hill’s Congress Blog: Are Unions Biting the Hand that Feeds Them and Us?

Last week, Joe Biden’s vice presidential pick California Sen. Kamala Harris joined with United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) President Marc Perrone to attack grocery retail stores across the country, demanding they reinstate hazard pay for all employees on the frontline – with no regard to the significant economic ramifications that come with such a sweeping […]

American Workers Must Not Be Treated as a Pinata by Unions and Government Agencies

In June 2018, the Supreme Court removed the burden of mandatory payment of union dues by public employees.  Until then, public employees had been forced to pay at least a “fair share” portion of dues related to union costs for employee grievances and physical safety.  A  Supreme Court decision in 1977, known as Abood v. […]

The Scope and Funding for Infrastructure Plans

We welcome the public convenience, safety benefits and economic advantages that flow from revitalizing our infrastructure. Moody’s estimates that $1.44 is returned for each infrastructure dollar invested. The case for upgrading infrastructure sounds straightforward, but the depth and scope of upgrade, the competing claims on federal funds and other political agendas make infrastructure a complex […]

NLRB Wastes Self Employment Jobs

In a recent decision, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled that contract workers who unionize can negotiate with both the parent company and their direct employer.  This forces the parent company to be “responsible for workers they haven’t hired and conditions over which they have no control.”  The NLRB’s radical stance upends the long […]

ACI in Real Clear Policy — Getting Rid of Incompetent Teachers

In a student versus school system lawsuit (Vergara v. State of California), the students won on their claim that grossly incompetent teachers deny them of their right to an education.  The judge found that school systems “permit too many grossly incompetent teachers to remain in classrooms across the state — and found that those teachers […]