Rethinking Old Broadband Subsidies

In the last decade, a multitude of ambitious programs to “bridge the digital divide” have been discussed and debated. Many of them have been implemented. Few of them have moved the needle, even as the coronavirus pandemic highlights the need to expand connectivity to unserved areas. In 2016, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) expanded its […]

Another Subsidy Turned Into Waste

With FCC Commissioner Pia’s discovery that the current universal telephone service subsidy may contain one-half billion in waste, it is time for the FCC to rethink using this telephone subsidy as a model for broadband services.  To read about this issue is detail, visit our piece in FORBES.

The Cost of Free Phones

Last week, a video made the rounds of a woman screaming at the top of her lungs for the re-election of President Obama because, according to her, Obama had given her a free cell phone.  The video made for great fodder for bloggers, with each side of the partisan divide giving their take.  But many […]

Universal Service Fund Not Designed to Help Consumers: New report shows it is not always clear who benefits from funding

WASHINGTON– While the Universal Service Fund (USF) was originally developed to provide all Americans with ubiquitous access to telephone services at reasonable prices, there have been questions about the extent to which this funding actually helps consumers. According to a new report authored by Steve Pociask, the president of the American Consumer Institute Center for […]

Universal Service Funding in Need of Serious Reforms

In the past, we’ve detailed the many problems and issues with the Universal Service Fund.  For those unaware, the Universal Service Fund (USF) applies a tax to the phone bill of every customer in the US who utilizes interstate telephone services. This means just about everyone pays into it.  This tax, generating roughly $8 billion […]