Inside Sources: Waiving TRIPS Won’t Boost Global Vaccinations

The Administration is considering waiving the intellectual property rights of the COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers, the same drug companies that risked billions to rush and test vaccines to the reach consumers. The argument for waiving these rights is that it will, supposedly, enable more consumers around the globe to get immunized. This commentary shows that waiving […]

TOWNHALL: Waiving TRIPS Will Not Solve Global Access to COVID-19 Vaccine

While the objective of waiving the provisions of the TRIPS agreement is admirable, it should be readily apparent to policymakers in Washington and the WTO that loosening intellectual property protections will not expedite vaccine manufacturing or distribution in economically developing countries. These countries do not possess the facilities to manufacture and distribute vaccines themselves. To […]

Parents’ Flawed Judgement Puts Society at Risk

All but eradicated at the turn of the Century, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has now confirmed 1,172 cases of measles in 30 states so far this year. The resurgence in case is a growing concern, considering vaccines have long been available. The Governor of Washington State, for instance, declared a state of emergency […]

Parents’ Flawed Judgement Puts Society at Risk

The Governor of Washington State has declared a state of emergency resulting from an outbreak of 35 cases of measles. “Thirty of the cases involved people who have not had a measles immunization.” Most cases are children. Already two children left Washington State taking measles with them to Hawaii where they were quarantined. When parents […]

Anti-Vaccination Stance Increases Children’s Danger

The recent measles outbreak should not be happening. Measles was declared eliminated from the US in 2000. In most years since then, less than 100 cases per year were reported. In 2014, 644 measles cases were reported, with 383 cases concentrated among unvaccinated Amish communities in Ohio. Many of the 2014 cases came in with […]