Better Adverts and Lower Costs are in the Regulators Crosshairs

A number of companies appear interested in buying Yahoo, including Google-parent Alphabet, Time Inc., and DMGT (the British parent company of the Daily Mail newspaper and Elite). Now Verizon Communications, one of the major US broadband companies, is reportedly interested in buying the core of Yahoo too. Yahoo has a 204 million unique monthly visitors […]

Whom Do You Trust?

Law enforcement investigators typically gumshoe one clue at a time when sleuthing ordinary criminals and evidence. In contrast, the Patriot Act allows terrorism probes to start with all the electronic data, and then toss everything but the relevant items. NSA and FBI chose a terrorist-oriented “boil the ocean” approach when in April 2013 they convinced […]

Regulatory Competition before the FCC

T-Mobile and a few associations object to a Comcast-Verizon agreement to transfer spectrum licenses and to market each other’s services.  The agreement is in the consumer’s interest and the transferred spectrum will improve the availability of 4G services rather than letting the spectrum continue to lie fallow.  T-Mobile’s objection to the spectrum transfer is at […]