Hacking and the Internet of Things

We are now seeing hundreds of mobile apps that conduct Internet transactions and monitor our environment. We can download them and set them in motion with little effort. Most of these apps interact between our mobile device and a web server, but there is a class of apps that operate mostly between devices with little […]

The Hill: Time for Congress to address digital privacy

Friday’s headline reported that Marriott’s computer records were hacked, exposing information on 500 million of their hotel guests. The problem of compromised online data is rampant. In the first nine months of 2018, cyber breaches exposed 3.8 billion customer records according to Risk Based Security. Only this past October, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid’s […]

Inside Sources: Study Shows Vast Majority of Wi-Fi Routers are Vulnerable to Cybercrime

83 percent. That’s the proportion of Wi-Fi routers sold in the United States that are vulnerable to cyber-attack, according to a new study by the American Consumer Institute (ACI). “Without addressing these known security flaws, consumer devices could be compromised, and data could be stolen, leading to malicious activity, identity theft, fraud or espionage,” according […]

Real Clear Policy: Use a Wi-Fi Router at Home? You’re Probably at Risk for Cybercrime

If you use a Wi-Fi router in your home, there’s a good chance you’re at risk for cyberattack, according to a new study. The American Consumer Institute (ACI) analyzed 186 devices from 14 different manufacturers and found that 83 percent of routers sold in the United States have security vulnerabilities — that’s 5 of 6 […]