Divergent Currents in Retailing

The transformation in retailing from bricks and mortar to online with home delivery is still underway.  Within that transition, costs are being pared and young consumers’ tastes are better accommodated.  Online has captured about 15% of retail sales, and its share is growing a point or two each year.  Arch rivals, Amazon and Walmart are […]

The Amazon Juggernaut Accumulates Competitive Risks

Amazon started in 1994, initially as a catalog-based bookseller.  The Internet allowed for improvements in reaching customers and Amazon developed a strong platform for electronic commerce, along with a fast delivery service.  That platform now allows for a wider merchandise range that incudes apparel, electronics, books, recordings, sports and outdoor equipment, and auto parts. Amazon […]

A Welcomed Primary Care Provider

The scheduling delay for a routine appointment with one of America’s 210,000 primary care doctors seems to be measured in weeks, even when the doctor’s practice is already the patient’s medical home.  New patient appointments often take six weeks.  For a good ophthalmologist, 2 or three months seems to be a normal wait.  Medical care […]

Steve Pociask on CNBC: The Good and the Bad News about This Year’s Holiday Shopping Season

To read ACI’s latest news article on CNBC.com, visit http://www.cnbc.com:80/id/34481358 To read our recent retail electronics study, visit: http://www.theamericanconsumer.org/2009/11/10/american-consumer-institute-releases-study-finding-no-difference-in-consumer-electronics-prices-between-wal-mart-and-best-buy-study-calls-for-wal-mart-to-improve-on-shelf-labeling-to-ensure-shoppers/