Inside Sources: Solar and Wind Have Outgrown Their Tax Credit Allowance

Faced with little work and unaffordable rent, countless millennials bit the bullet and moved back home with their parents during the pandemic. Temporary solutions—however awkward—are sometimes necessary. The Democrats’ reconciliation bill, however, is set to make America’s longest ‘temporary solution’ more permanent and more expensive. This commentary was published in Inside Sources and is available […]

The Economic Standard: Federal Interference Blocking Renewable Energy

Wind power has gradually become the leading source of renewable energy in the United States. With strong consumer demand for lower carbon energy and new technology lowering the price of production, wind power now rivals solar and fossil fuels on cost. Despite wind’s success, conflicting federal policies are picking winners and losers in the industry while fleecing taxpayers through […]

Real Clear Energy: Efforts to Ban Silicone Hamper Energy and Environmental Goals

This editorial, by Liam Sigaud, discusses how silicone has a profound impact on Americans’ energy use, including the benefits of energy generation from both wind turbines and solar panels. In fact, about 90 percent of solar panels have at least some silicone components, which act as lubricants, sealants, coatings, and insulators. Silicone compounds are also […]

Energy Storage – a Better Target

A recent CBS 60 Minutes segment called “Cleantech Crash” served an important purpose by reminding us of failures in government grant-making.  Even with plentiful funds, government often lacks the good judgment needed to pick winners over losers in commerce and science, especially if the topic is the ever-so-stylish “green energy.” 60 Minutes reviewed Solyndra, a […]

Slapping the Energy Industry

The Obama administration prosecuted Duke Energy leading to a $1 million fine for accidently killing 14 golden eagles over a two year period at two of its Wyoming wind farms.   Those “wind farms came on line before the Obama administration drafted voluntary guidelines encouraging wind energy companies to work with the Fish and Wildlife Service […]

Pickens Plan Survey

Over the last couple of weeks, we asked our readers whether they supported the Pickens Plan to achieve energy independence. And, here are the final results: 95% YES (902 votes) <1% NO (8 votes) 4% Partially Support (34 votes) <1% Undecided (2 votes) Based on these results, our readers overwhelmingly support the Pickens Plan.