Lincoln Journal-Star: Legislation Would Unleash 5G in Nebraska

Over the last two decades, the power and connectivity of mobile devices have taken unimaginable strides. Whether you use a smartphone to shop online, track your exercise regime with a smartwatch, make a doctor’s appointment, or play music using Wi-Fi-connected speakers, these devices have revolutionized the way we live, play, and work. And it’s just […]

ACI Testimony Calls for Encouraging 5G Deployment in DC

ACI’s Director of Policy and Research, Dr. Krisztina Pusok, testified before the Council of the District of Columbia’s Committee on Transportation and Environment on the economic and consumer benefits of deploying wireless broadband (5G) technology in the city.  Her comments are available here.

FCC Actions on Mid-Band Spectrum Would Spur 5G

On the heels of its decision last month to issue a national framework for 5G wireless deployment, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is poised to take another positive step to spur the deployment of next-generation wireless technology. Next week, the FCC will vote on proposed regulatory changes to the 3.5 GHz spectrum band, which many […]

U.S. Can Reclaim Global Leadership in Wireless

For decades, the United States has been at the forefront of technological innovation. It may be easy to take for granted, but the American record of accomplishment is unparalleled – from inventing the lightbulb, to walking on the moon, and even being the first to deliver 4G wireless. Throughout the years, Americans have come to […]

FORBES: The Global Race for 5G Technology is On, and It’s Not Looking Good

Around the world, the race is on to deploy new, powerful 5G technology that will transform how we interact, live, and conduct business. Despite the United States’ technological dominance in the past, there are troubling signs that we may be falling behind in a global contest that several other countries are intent on winning. Published […]

Don’t Stifle Consumer Broadband Benefits

Modernization of American infrastructure – which will yield great innovation and economic growth – is dependent upon deregulation. Coming off the Obama administration’s infamous overregulation agenda, the current administration has made it its mission to reverse course. From the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Transportation, […]

Future of Wireless Technology Lies in Speedy, Reliable 5G Networks

The future of Hawaii depends on 5G wireless broadband. This next-generation of wireless networks will be super-fast and have remarkably low latency, propelling the state into a world of new possibilities: automated transportation, advanced agriculture and healthcare, and much more. But, to experience the benefits of 5G, lawmakers in Honolulu must do their part and […]

Lincoln Journal Star: Nebraska must catch up to enjoy 5G

The next generation of wireless broadband services, a potentially gigabit speed service called 5G, promises not only to increase the speed of video and data downloads, but also to unlock new possibilities in agriculture, banking, transportation, medicine and countless other areas of life. Unfortunately, in many parts of the country, including Nebraska, state lawmakers have […]

FORBES — Listen Up States: Don’t Stifle Investment For Consumer Broadband Wireless Services

While some states are moving ahead with reforms to encourage the deployment of small cells, other states, like Tennessee, Missouri, Georgia and Pennsylvania, seem to be stuck in the past. It is imperative that these states recognize the need to bring this innovative technology and its associated economic benefits by enacting statewide small cell legislation.  […]

5G Mobile Wireless Will Soon Arrive in Our Neighborhoods

Mobile and broadband communications are poised for a big step forward as 5th generation mobile wireless (5G) leaps into action.  The industry has earned optimism from its experience with trials and from the impressive capabilities of 5G.  Soon consumers will be able to take advantage of 5G. [Click here to see the economic and consumer […]