We previously discussed the pending transition from analog to digital TV and mentioned that consumers using over-the-air transmission may soon lose their signal reception unless they get a convert box.  To help with this transition, Congress funded $40 coupons (per set) to defer most of the cost of these converter boxes.  Well, now the New York Times reports that money for the converter boxes has run out and there is a backlog of consumers requesting coupons.  The Times writes:” Rattled by the recession, many consumers facing the upcoming switch to digital television are taking the cheap way out — buying inexpensive converter boxes instead of new digital TV sets.  But now, amid higher demand, the government is running out of money to subsidize the purchase of the converters.”

The transmission of analog TV signals is scheduled to stop on February 17, 2009.  If you use analog TV or digital TV with a cable or satellite service, you will not be affected.