ACI Joins an International Coalition Letter Against the Recent G20 Digital Tax Proposal

With 39 organizations from 19 countries having signed, this coaltion letter sends a strong message that the international community understands that this is a tax that will reduce innovation, increase costs upon consumers and small businesses, and substantially weaken the global economy. You can read the letter here — in English or in Spanish.   […]

It’s Coming Back and May Stick This Time

The subject of digital goods and services taxation will likely resurface in the Congress as soon as the debt ceiling is handled.  Digital goods include music, videos, games, ringtones, electronic books and others.  Digital services would include tax prep, stock trades, streaming content, and more.  A bill that would handle this (The Digital Goods and […]

Are You Ready for the Digital TV Transition?

Here are some recent interviews of Professor Joseph Fuhr on today’s Digital TV Transition: What are you thoughts about the Digital TV Transition?

Consumer Concerns about the Google Online Book Settlement Agreement

Considerable attention has in recent years been focused on consumer choice regarding platforms and conditions for accessing various kinds of content via the Internet. The main focus has been on the supply of Internet access networks – cable, wireline telco, satellite, wireless – from which consumers can choose as means to get to the content […]

ACI Urges Delaying Government’s Plan to Turn Off Millions of TVs

Less than six weeks from now, millions of Americans will be denied access to news, information and entertainment now provided by their television sets. Having sold the airwaves now used to transmit programmed TV signals, the government has discovered that its efforts to inform consumers and to have them convert to the new technology are […]

Digital TV Transition Troubles

We previously discussed the pending transition from analog to digital TV and mentioned that consumers using over-the-air transmission may soon lose their signal reception unless they get a convert box.  To help with this transition, Congress funded $40 coupons (per set) to defer most of the cost of these converter boxes.  Well, now the New York Times reports that […]

Analog TV’s Will Soon Need a Converter for Over-the-Air Reception

On February 18, 2009, over-the-air television stations will be required to broadcast their television signals in digital format. This means that older analog TVs will no longer be able to receive signals over-the-air, unless they have a digital converter. Analog TVs that are connected to cable TV, satellite or other video programming services will still […]