Are you concerned that you might have to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars in “hurricane taxes” to the state if Citizens or the Catastrophe Fund run out of money to pay its claims?

  1. Yes (70%)
  2. No (25%)
  3. DK/Refused (4%)


Do you support or oppose allowing the Catastrophe Fund to selling more insurance coverage than it can pay in claims?

  1. Support (10%)
  2. Opposed (80%)
  3. DK/Refused (10%)


The chief operating officer of the state-run Catastrophe Fund has proposed legislation that would strengthen the fund so it would be able to pay all of its claims.  Would you be willing to pay a little more to avoid insolvencies and taxes?

  1. Yes (47%)
  2. No (42%)
  3. DK/refused (11%)


Under the proposal, premiums on a statewide average would have to rise by less than $15 per month.  Given this, would you support or oppose legislation making Catastrophe Fund financially sound?

  1. Support (55%)
  2. Oppose (35%)
  3. DK/Refused (10%)