Today, ACI applauds members of the Michigan House of Representatives today for passing HB5108, repealing an outdated and misguided Michigan law that prohibits the resale for live event tickets for more than face value.

“Arbitrarily capping secondary ticket sales to the original asking price is nothing more than the state interfering with consumer choice to sell and buy tickets for their mutual benefit,” said Steve Pociask, President of ACI. “By allowing fans to resell unused tickets at market value without fear of prosecution and opening up a resale market that currently exists in the shadows, Michigan consumers can enjoy the full economic benefits of a fair and open secondary ticket market.”

HB5108, introduced by Rep. passed the House of Representatives 66-42 and will be delivered to the State Senate for consideration. 

“The legislature has made great progress in recent years in providing pro-consumer legislation, and it is encouraging that lawmakers are continuing along a path to give Michigan consumers more market choices as this bill does,” Pociask added.

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