ACI’s Statement on StubHub Lawsuit against Ticketmaster, Golden State Warriors

The Following is a statement by Steve Pociask, President of the American Consumer Institute, regarding a newly filed antitrust lawsuit against Ticketmaster and the Golden State Warriors:  “The American Consumer Institute applauds the actions against Ticketmaster and the Golden State Warriors to stop ongoing attempts by Ticketmaster and some sports teams to end competitive reselling […]

Paperless Tickets—A Bad Deal for Consumers

For many years, a fight has been ongoing between Ticketmaster and consumers, represented by secondary ticket markets like StubHub. At stake is consumer freedom to resell or easily give away the tickets they’ve already purchased. Ticketmaster, the far and away leader in the ticketing market, is increasingly making it difficult for consumers by increasingly instituting […]

The Ticket Monopoly

Looking back at the holiday season, giving or receiving tickets to an event would seem to have been a great gift idea. It could have been tickets to a theatre play for your significant other, Christmas concerts with the family, playoff games with dad, and Christmas Foo Fighters tickets for your rebellious teenager. But this year’s […]

ACI in Forbes — NFL Price Fixing

This article, written by Steve Pociask and available in Forbes, discusses “how Ticketmaster and the NFL have fixed the price” of  tickets resold online.  The NFL has partnered with Ticketmaster to set price floors, thereby making consumers pay more to buy previously sold tickets.  The action likely keeps cheaper online tickets out of the hands of consumers and allows […]

Well, Look Who’s Scalping Tickets

Paperless ticketing is becoming an increasingly common way to issue tickets for events–in sports and entertainment especially. From a convenience standpoint, this seems to be a win for consumers—no need to worry about losing your tickets along with the appearance of efficiency through technology. But while that may be the appearance, it’s anything but the […]

Consumers Have a Right to Resell Event Tickets

Pasted below is ACI’s letter, coauthored with Consumer Action and others, to the Massachusetts legislators applauding their efforts to give consumers the right to resell purchased tickets.   Dear Representative Moran and Senator Eldridge: On behalf of live event consumers, the American Consumer Institute (ACI), Consumer Action, and Fan Freedom (FF) write to you in support […]

ACI in the Daily Caller: Mugged by the Ticket Cartel Gatekeepers

Entertainers and ticket sellers have a right to earn an honest living, but we’re tired of being mugged at the ticket booth.  Shameless greed has become standard practice and it’s neither entertaining nor sportsman-like conduct.  Ticket vendors have perfected the art of trolling.  They slap high fees on ticket sales and for the event tickets […]

Paperless Tickets, Costly to Consumers

In recent years, Ticketmaster, the dominant seller of tickets to events and concerts, has moved to providing more and more paperless tickets, stating that these tickets are a benefit to consumers.  Our ConsumerGram – “Paperless Tickets, Costly to Consumers” – shows that the motivation behind paperless tickets is not about helping consumers.  In fact, these tickets greatly inconvenience consumers and can […]

ACI Applauds Michigan House for Passing Pro-consumer Ticket Resale Legislation

Today, ACI applauds members of the Michigan House of Representatives today for passing HB5108, repealing an outdated and misguided Michigan law that prohibits the resale for live event tickets for more than face value. “Arbitrarily capping secondary ticket sales to the original asking price is nothing more than the state interfering with consumer choice to sell […]