Last summer, many of us criticized Boeing for acting in ways antithetical to the interests of consumers with its flimsy trade complaint to the International Trade Commission (ITC) against Canada’s Bombardier. Boeing claimed that Delta’s selection of the new C Series passenger planes made by Bombardier was priced too cheaply and it represented unfair competition. The irony back then was that Boeing, the “Mother of All Trade-Subsidy Receivers,” was complaining about unfair prices.

As I and others pointed out back then, Boeing does not even make planes of this size class nor did they bid on the Delta’s proposal, which makes the entire trade practice dispute seem a lot more about protecting Boeing and preventing competition.  Preventing Delta from its selection which would make it pay more for oversized plans, and it ultimately would serve to make consumers pay more for flying.

As time has passed, however, I did not anticipate Boeing’s position would become even more absurd. But, it has…

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