Daily Caller: Decision Looms on Boeing’s Anti-Consumer Scheme

Last summer, many of us criticized Boeing for acting in ways antithetical to the interests of consumers with its flimsy trade complaint to the International Trade Commission (ITC) against Canada’s Bombardier. Boeing claimed that Delta’s selection of the new C Series passenger planes made by Bombardier was priced too cheaply and it represented unfair competition. […]

Huffington Post: Boeing’s Illogical Attempt to Impose Import Taxes on Planes Made in the US

In recent public statements and filings with the U.S. government, Boeing has taken the very unusual position that airplanes made in the United States should be subject to import taxes.  Boeing is resorting to this illogical argument because it was caught off guard by Bombardier’s decision to join with Airbus and make Bombardier’s new C […]

Huffington Post: Boeing’s Trade Complaint Harms American Consumers

It’s a familiar setting – an overbooked flight, a cramped and dimly lit cabin, no room for bags in the overhead. This is the reality of today’s small commercial and regional jet travel. Expect nothing more, fellow flyers. But some hope is on the way, as newly designed airplanes offer better amenities and a more […]