With Christmas around the corner, tariffs could make holiday shopping a lot harder for millions of Americans.

Concerned that America is getting a “bad deal” when it comes to trade, the President recently imposed metal tariffs on Argentina and Brazil while also threatening to do the same on a variety of French products. Yet, these tariffs pale in comparison, as the President announced in October a potential 15 percent tariffs on $160 billion worth of Chinese goods, if the U.S. fails to negotiate a trade deal by December 15th.

Despite Trump’s claims that tariffs are “best way to max out our economic power,” it turns out the U.S. is the one that’s getting the “bad deal” after all. USA Today shows that tariffs haven’t brought back jobs from China. Even worse, tariffs have made products like electronics and toys more expensive, forcing the American consumer to pay more at the register this Christmas season.

You can read this entire op-ed in the Daily Caller.