Daily Caller: Tariffs Haven’t Helped Americans This Christmas Season

With Christmas around the corner, tariffs could make holiday shopping a lot harder for millions of Americans. Concerned that America is getting a “bad deal” when it comes to trade, the President recently imposed metal tariffs on Argentina and Brazil while also threatening to do the same on a variety of French products. Yet, these […]

The Tax Grinch Messes with Black Friday’s Punch Bowl

We have no say in the matter – 2012’s Black Friday is approaching.  The stage is set with sales promo messages posing as real news.  Retailers have already “leaked” their best sale prices.  Store hours are being tightly dovetailed with Thanksgiving after-dinner dishwashing.  And a tempest in a teapot is being acted out on the […]

Making the Holidays More Ecology Friendly

This ConsumerGram examines how the shift from purchasing to the Internet is not only influencing retailers, but also positively affecting the environment by reducing energy and decreasing air pollutants, hazardous waste and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  Cyber Monday can now be looked upon as Green Monday in more ways than one.  Click here to read […]

Listen to ACI Experts Talk about Credit Card Fees and Their Impact as Consumers Deal With Holiday Spending

On December 3, 2009, ACI Experts Dr. Larry F. Darby and Dr. Joseph Fuhr, Jr. discuss the effects of hidden credit card fees on consumers and retail merchants.  Click here to here the entire audio. call-audio1