Experts forecast there will be over 31 billion IoT devices by 2023. To power these devices and the wireless networks that support them, the United States needs to ensure that the spectrum that powers these networks are put to their highest and best use to meet consumer demand and build new markets. Join us for a conversation with a panel of experts to discuss what’s on the horizon for wireless technology and what policies we can employ now to avoid a spectrum crunch.

On February 25th, ACI held a luncheon at the Senate Dirksen Office Building entitled “Highest and Best Use: Alleviating the Spectrum Crunch. The event featured remarks by Senator Marsha Blackburn

Expert panelists included:

– Krisztina Pusok, Director, American Consumer Institute

– Kelly Cole, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, CTIA

– Nicol Lee-Turner, Fellow, Center for Tech Innovation, Brookings

– Evan Swarztrauber, Policy Advisor to the FCC Chairman Pai

– Katie McAuliffe, Executive Director, Digital Liberty, Americans for Tax Reform

– Patrick Welch, Vice President, Verizon Communications

– Graham Dufault, Senior Director for Public Policy at Act (The App Association)

You can see the video of the event online.