Coalition Calls for Expediting C-Band Spectrum Auctions

Today ACI joined Heritage Action, the American Enterprise Institute, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, R-Street and the Lincoln Network in sending a letter to the House Energy and Commerce Committee calling for private auctions of C-Band Spectrum.  Such an auction would prevent years of delay that a government-run auction would create, thereby speeding spectrum for 5G […]

The Next Spectrum Auctions

Spectrum is the engine of the mobile wireless industry. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regularly runs auctions so carriers can retool with additional spectrum.  The exclusive right to use segments of the electromagnetic spectrum can be very costly, particularly since the bidding is done for specific frequencies in specific locales. To illustrate the complexity, Carrier […]

Chasing Wi-Fi Speed, Coverage, and Compatibility

The GSM association reports that 4.7 billion subscribers used mobile wireless during 2015 and 1 billion used the high speed 4G mobile wireless technology. Video is soaking up whatever spectrum capacity operators make available, and the demand for bandwidth will continue growing. With 5G technology still under development and years away from widespread deployment, mobile […]

ACI in Forbes: The Spectrum Shortage Is Coming

The booming demand for wireless services continues to be big news and it should be. A recent report estimates 2014 total wireless subscriber connections to have topped 355 million, along with nearly 2 trillion text messages and more than 4 trillion megabits of wireless data traffic. The brisk rise in smartphone users, increase in video streaming and […]

DOJ’s Twisted Logic: Rigging Auctions Promotes Competition

It is with total disbelief that I write about a recent letter from the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on the rules for the upcoming “competitive” Spectrum auction. In the letter, the DOJ – the United States’ chief antitrust and law enforcement agency – writes in support of […]

Consumers Pay for FCC Arrogance

In an auction of underused TV spectrum coming next spring, the FCC was tasked by Congress to repurpose TV channels into wireless broadband so that consumers’ voracious demand can be satisfied while prices are kept at affordable levels. The FCC’s auction is supposed to accomplish five things at once: first, encourage mobile wireless service operators […]

ACI in the Hill’s Congressional Blog: Time for the FCC to Reconsider

This piece, published in the Hill’s Congressional Blog by ACI’s president, Steve Pociask, discusses how the FCC’s restrictive wireless auction rules — rules that favor some bidders over others — is a recipe for failure.  The article shows that the auction rules will limit the proceeds, which in encourage fewer TV broadcasters to give up their spectrum.  That, […]

FCC Needs to End Bias Spectrum Bidding Rules

Bidding Restrictions Could Lower Consumer Welfare by $230 Billion             To deal with the looming spectrum crunch, Congress passed the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012, which would, through reverse auctions, compensate TV stations for giving up broadcast airwaves and, through forward auctions, allow wireless service providers to repurpose the spectrum […]

ACI in Real Clear Policy: Corporate Welfare in Spectrum Auctions

According to numerous reports in mid-April, the FCC has plans to earmark large pieces of auctioned wireless spectrum for certain carriers. The move is a contrast to the FCC’s original plan to offer spectrum up for competitive bidding and has many wondering if the FCC and Chairman Tom Wheeler are in the business of picking […]