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Washington, DC 20554

Applications of TEGNA Inc., for Transfer of Control to Standard General, L.P.

MB Docket 22-162

Comments of the American Consumer Institute

The American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research (ACI) is a nonprofit (501c3) educational and research institute with the mission to identify, analyze and project the interests of consumers in selected legislative and rulemaking proceedings in information technology, health care, insurance, energy, and other matters.

On July 7, 2022, ACI had an opinion piece published in Inside Sources.[1] The piece discusses the merits of the TEGNA Inc. and Standard General, L.P. deal to transfer licenses, and this filing is in response to the Media Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission in the above-referenced dockets. In general, we support the deal, because we believe it gives a boost to the struggling broadcast market, while adding to ownership diversity. We have attached our opinion piece for your consideration.


Steve Pociask

President / CEO


[1] Steve Pociask, “Broadcast Merger Will Benefit Consumers, Add Diversity,” August 7, 2022, Inside Sources,