In an open letter to the Kentucky General Assembly, ACI President Steve Pociask has expressed his support for Kentucky Senate Bill 349. This bill arises in response to what is perceived as a rushed transition to renewable energy sources by federal mandates, which stakeholders argue has put undue pressure on the state’s electricity grid. Kentucky’s grid stability and the affordability of its electricity are said to be compromised by the premature retirement of dependable baseload power plants due to federal regulations. The letter emphasizes the need to safeguard Kentucky ratepayers and electricity consumers from the resulting costs and risks.

Read the full letter to Kentucky legislators here.

Key Takeaways

  • Consumer-Centric Policy: The letter posits that electricity policy should center on the consumers’ needs and not the dictates of federal entities. Senate Bill 349 is presented as a counteraction to federal overreach, aiming to recalibrate the decision-making process to favor local considerations and impacts.
  • Creation of a Commission: Senate Bill 349 proposes establishing a commission to evaluate the implications of power plant retirements for consumer expenses and grid reliability. This commission would include energy experts and consumer advocates, ensuring a comprehensive review of policy decisions affecting Kentucky’s electricity supply.
  • Commitment to Stability: Supporters of the bill argue that it is not only legislative reform at stake but the very prosperity and well-being of every Kentucky home and business. The bill is framed as a defense against broad federal mandates and a step towards an energy future where decisions are made locally, with an informed understanding of Kentucky’s unique context.

The letter to the Kentucky General Assembly concludes with a plea for the recognition of Senate Bill 349’s critical role in securing a reliable and cost-effective energy future for the people of Kentucky. It calls upon the Assembly members to support the bill, viewing it as essential in the pro-consumer endeavor to protect the state’s energy independence and economic vitality. The public and stakeholders are likewise urged to rally behind Senate Bill 349, advocating its passage as a necessary safeguard against hasty federal energy policies and affirming Kentucky’s autonomy in energy decision-making.

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