ACI Signs onto Letter to Congress: Don’t Stop Flood Insurance Reforms

Last year, Congress took a major step toward reforming the National Flood Insurance Program by reducing wasteful subsidies that have put the program in the red.  Now, some in Congress want to stop these reforms.  ACI has signed onto a letter calling for the reforms to continue.  The letter can be viewed here.

Managing Retirement Income – DIY?

In our hearts we know which parts of our retirement plan are working and which are not.  We don’t need another hardball pitch on miracle investments or guaranteed income for life.  Some consumers need quiet time to plan. Others need the confidence that a roadmap brings.  When those are insufficient, you need a financial guide.    […]

ACI Op-ed in Fort Meyers News-Press.Com

The News-Press Article is available online. Welfare for the Rich Floridians should be outraged and policymakers should be too.  Government-run Citizens insurance, now the biggest insurer in Florida, is Robin Hood in reverse.  Citizens provides artificially low insurance prices to homeowners along the hurricane-prone coast, and requires other homeowners to pick up the cost of […]

This Season Give the Gift of Spectrum

The shortage of spectrum in the wireless market is no secret.  It’s been written about ad nauseam, including by me and many others at the American Consumer Institute.  The consensus is that there’s not enough spectrum allocated to the wireless companies, and there’s plenty of it available, ready to be sold off.  The unused spectrum […]