Arlington, VA — The American Consumer Institute (ACI) unveiled a comprehensive study entitled “Transition from Tobacco to Vaping: The Health Impacts by State” by ACI Senior Policy Analyst Justin Leventhal. The report provides a pivotal analysis of the potential for tobacco harm reduction alternative products to significantly reduce smoking-related deaths across the United States.

Key findings from the study include:

  • A potential reduction of nearly 300,000 smoking-related deaths annually if e-cigarettes replace traditional smoking nationwide.
  • An estimated four million lives could have been saved from 2010 to 2024, surpassing deaths from the Coronavirus by a factor of four.
  • State restrictions and regulatory barriers on vaping products have been identified as significant obstacles for smokers seeking to quit, thereby increasing the annual death toll from smoking-related diseases.
  • Removing regulatory barriers on vaping products would enable a smoother transition for smokers toward safer products or kicking the habit entirely, potentially saving hundreds of thousands of lives each year.

Evidence suggests that e-cigarettes are nearly twice as effective as traditional nicotine replacement therapies like gums and patches in aiding smoking cessation. Despite this, recent years have seen an increase in regulations, taxes, and outright bans on vaping products, hindering the progress toward a smoke-free future.

ACI calls for policymakers to reconsider these restrictive measures and focus on harm-reduction strategies that offer a pragmatic approach to reducing smoking-related mortality rates. By embracing tobacco harm reduction products as viable alternatives to smoking, states can significantly lower healthcare costs and mortality rates associated with tobacco use.

To learn how tobacco harm reduction alternative products could benefit your state, click on the map below to download your states’ profile:

Tobacco Harm Reduction Products Save Lives

Average of Male & Female Smoking Rate

Read the full report below or by clicking here.

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