Arlington, VA — A coalition of esteemed organizations and individuals has strongly opposed California’s proposed legislation, SB 1047 — the Safe and Secure Innovation for Frontier Artificial Intelligence Systems Act. The group, which includes policy leaders and AI experts, warns that the bill could severely hamper technological advancement and economic growth within the state and beyond.

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Key Concerns Regarding SB 1047:

  • Unreasonable Standards for AI Developers: The bill imposes impractical “limited duty exemptions” requiring AI developers to ensure their models cannot be misused even before training, a stipulation that could subject them to undue legal risks.
  • Prohibitive Costs and Compliance Issues: The financial and operational burden of meeting the bill’s compliance requirements could drive AI innovation away from California, at a time when the state’s economic stability is already under pressure.
  • Confusion and Regulatory Overreach: The definition of “covered models” and the ongoing oversight by the Frontier Model Division could disrupt business operations and stifle competition in the AI sector.
  • Potential Stifling of Open-Source AI Development: By undermining the collaborative nature of open-source AI, the bill threatens to curtail a critical resource for safety and interpretability research in artificial intelligence.

While recognizing the importance of responsible AI development, the undersigned urge California legislators to reconsider or withdraw SB 1047. The bill contradicts the broader American policy approach towards AI as recommended by the United States Senate’s Bipartisan Working Group on AI. The coalition is committed to collaborating with lawmakers to foster a legislative environment that promotes both innovation and safety in AI technologies.

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