Stablecoin Legislation Seeks to Preserve the Growth of Blockchain-Based Currency

While cryptocurrency’s crash has grabbed headlines, the public’s understanding of the underlying technology remains limited. Only 4% of Americans were able to pass a 17-question quiz assessing their baseline knowledge of cryptocurrency, even though in a separate poll, 16 percent of Americans reported having purchased crypto. Despite the lack of knowledge regarding how the technology […]

Policymakers Should Care about Reducing Health Risks

Every day thousands of smokers make a conscious decision to improve their health by dumping harmful combustible tobacco products and turning to electronic cigarettes and vaping products. Yet, despite this growing positive trend, federal regulators at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have taken increasingly aggressive regulatory steps to make it harder for smokers to […]

America’s Unionization Wave

Over the past year, much of the discourse around unionization in the wake of COVID-19 has centered around developments at Amazon Fulfillment Centers in Alabama and New York. While labor unions and their friends at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) may celebrate this trend of increased union activism, small businesses and employees themselves will […]

The Well: Under Risk Rating 2.0, High-Income Communities Finally Pay Their Fair Share

Low-income neighborhoods face long roads to recovery as they are often disproportionately affected by natural disasters like hurricanes and flooding. Yet, instead of paying an equitable amount for the coverage they need, they continue to subsidize flood insurance for affluent, coastal communities. However, implementing a new FEMA flood pricing methodology, referred to as Risk Rating […]

What Consumers Are Saying: “Don’t Touch My Prime”

Over the weekend, Editorial Board published an insightful piece titled “Breaking Big Tech Bad” (June 5). The piece rightly criticizes the misguided American Innovation and Choice Online Act, which was advanced by the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this year to “punish Big Tech companies.” However, one area that appears overlooked is the voice of American […]

Sideloading: Why is Congress Risking Consumer Security?

Every day, millions of American consumers will download mobile applications from either Apple’s App Store or the Google Play store. These applications, or apps for short, allow consumers to do everything from play games to purchase stocks. Despite the immense benefits these stores provide consumers, lawmakers in Washington D.C. and in statehouses across the country […]

A Menthol Flavor Ban Would Have Unintended Consequences

Most Americans will have likely heard about the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) new plan to prohibit all menthol cigarettes and flavored cigar sales in the United States. The plan, which is already being described as the biggest cigarette crackdown since the 1960s, would effectively ban one of the most popular tobacco items on the […]

The Economic Standard: Wildfires Are Exacerbated by Poor Forest Management Practices

It is time for elected officials to begin focusing their attention on substantial reforms to forest management that integrate the best practices of the U.S. Forest Service and experts in their field of study. Mechanical tree thinning and controlled burns could do much to cut down on the level of destruction currently inflicted on U.S. […]

Inside Sources: New Developments on the Antitrust Front

Consumers and small businesses should be alarmed by the increased probability that AICOA could become law. Not only would self-preferencing be prohibited, a practice that provides consumers with the opportunity to buy goods at the lowest price, but businesses could find it harder to access the millions of consumers who shop on online platforms every day. The […]