Coronavirus Facts vs. Myths: What Others are Saying

As the coronavirus continues to grow in the U.S. and around the world, ACI is reminding that there are ways to stay healthy during these unusual times, and help you differentiate between the myths and the facts. Here is what medical professionals are saying. Wearing a mask can help – Probably While there has been […]

Coalition Letter: Stop Frivolous COVID-Related Lawsuits

ACI joined 21 other nonprofit groups calling for legislative reforms to create shields from trial lawyers’ frivolous, costly, and job-killing litigation schemes. Such acttions would advance the interests and wellbeing of the American people through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The coalition letter is available on our website.

The Economic Standard: The COVID Crisis Shows American Resilience at Its Finest

With the nation in shut down until April 30, most Americans are enduring an unprecedented disruption to their daily routines. To make safe social distancing possible, however, countless workers continue to keep supply chains moving. In addition to the frontline medical professionals who are treating COVID-19 patients, it is the grit and resilience of millions that is […]

Patriot News: Drug Affordability Boards Will Backfire, Harm Consumers

The coronavirus outbreak has become a worldwide emergency, and has led to serious concerns about medical shortages, including the availability of prescription drugs. While some states, including Pennsylvania, are trying to cap the price of prescription drugs, sometimes by creating so-called “affordability boards,” their policies will only lead to greater shortages and threaten public health. […]

ACI Joins Coalition in Opposing Actions That May Upend The Medical Supply Chain

Today, ACI joined 32 nonprofit organizations to call on public leaders at the White House, U.S. Senate and House of Representatives not to support “Buy American” mandates. In the middle of this COVAD-19 crisis, public policies should focus on keeping the supply chain as broad and extensive as possible, in order to prevent massive shortages […]

ACI Files Comments To The US Regulatory Commission

In response to a proposed US Regulatory Commission rulemaking proceeding that seeks to change regulations affecting the carriage of mail, ACI has filed comments to protect consumer interests, while calling for increased accountability and financial transparency on the part of the US Postal Service. These comments are available online.

Further Restricting Vaping Won’t Help Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is single handedly changing the face of day-to-day life. Their needs to be some clarification of how public health should respond to the crisis of the outbreak via policy. The regulation of electronic cigarettes during a pandemic is an interesting case study. Public health departments have warned against the use of inhalants […]

TIPS: Keeping Safe During COVID-19

With the nation caught in the midst of a global pandemic, here are a few simple strategies from the American Consumer Institute to help keep you and your family safe. Outside the Home Avoid unnecessary trips outside the home. In public areas, the CDC recommends 6ft of social distancing. For reference, that is equivalent to […]

Economic Standard: The Reality of Obamacare and Consumer Sovereignty

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court decided that they will hear the most recent challenge to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The challenge, now referred to as California v. Texas, calls on the Supreme Court to repeal the ACA. Yet, simply repealing the ACA through isn’t enough, it needs to be updated or replaced. While […]

Real Clear Health: Closing Vape Shops Will Be a Disaster

As the coronavirus continues to spread, states are taking drastic measures to curb its spread, such as shutting down all non-essential businesses. While slowing this pandemic is vital, some states might be closing the wrong types of stores. Colorado, for instance, closed all vape shops, while leaving cigarettes sold at convenience stores completely untouched. As […]