Fort Meyers News Press: Home insurance provision driving up rates

In the aftermath of Hurricane Michael’s destruction, Florida’s home insurance costs will soon be reaching an all-time high, but not primarily due to violent storms or exceptional levels of flooding. It’s being driven by the abuse of a Florida insurance provision called “Assignment of Benefits” or AOB. This entire article is available at the Fort […]

Lawmakers Must Address Florida’s Biggest Insurance Scam

A vast scam engineered by unscrupulous attorneys and contractors is sending homeowners’ insurance premiums skyrocketing, and Florida lawmakers aren’t doing enough to stop it. The problem stems from a provision in Florida law called Assignment of Benefits (AOB). An AOB allows an insurance policyholder to grant insurance claim rights to a third-party, such as a […]

Pensacola News Journal on AOB Fraud

Florida’s Insurance Abuse is Spiraling Out of Control You’ve probably never heard of it, but an arcane provision in Florida’s statutes is fueling significant spikes in homeowners’ insurance premiums all over the state — and earning Florida the dubious distinction of being the nation’s worst “judicial hellhole.” Unscrupulous contractors, aided by their attorneys, are exploiting […]

Wanted: Pro-Consumer State Legislators to Fight for Tort Reforms

Most attorneys earn a living the honorable way – by providing wise legal advice to clients and by advancing their client’s interests in court. Even when proper procedures are followed by the plaintiff, defendant and judge in tort actions, outcomes are not always fair and “fair” is what the public wants from its legal system. […]

Miami Herald: Assignment of Benefits Cabal

Every year, disreputable attorneys and home repair contractors launch an Assignment of Benefits (AOB) “open season” on home insurance policy holders. Consumers, whose homes are damaged by a leaky pipe or storm damage, want quick action by repair contractors to mitigate further damage. Some contractors will not proceed unless the owner completes an “assignment of […]

The New Magnet for Insurance Scams in Florida

There is yet another significant increase in insurance fraud that is pushing up homeowner premiums in Florida. This op-ed discusses the problem and how it can be fixed. PUBLISHED IN CONTEXT FLORIDA: When consumers experience water damage unconnected to hurricanes, they usually call a plumber, a roofing specialist or their insurance company to repair the […]

Fraud Update: Assignment of Benefits

Soon after last year’s minor hail events in west-central Florida a small roofing contractor left his hometown in Polk County to set up temporary headquarters in a small strip mall just off of Highway 19, near Homosassa Springs. He began trolling the southern tip of Citrus County and neighborhoods like Sugarmill Woods knocking on doors, […]

Florida Insurance Fraud Continues To Be Rampant

Some say every insurance crisis inevitably traces back to a handful of lawyers and that abuse of Assignment of Benefits (AOB) is no exception. What I’ve recently uncovered seems to bear this out in mind-boggling terms. Just like PIP and sinkholes, AOB has all the markings of just another sue-for-profit scheme. (See “What is an […]