DOJ’s Appeal Belongs on HissyFit.Rant

DOJ submitted an appeal of the AT&T-Time Warner merger approved by Judge Leon of the US District Court for the DC Circuit. The submission asks the appeals court to reverse Judge Leon on the basis that he could not have understood DOJ’s arguments, otherwise he would not have approved the merger. DOJ claims the intellectual high […]

The Tortuous Path to Winning TimeWarner, Sky and Fox

Walt Disney Co., Comcast, and Rupert Murdoch’s Fox organization are vying to gain control of Sky Plc, a high value satellite broadcast and production asset based in Europe.  Sky is a leader in pay-TV services in the UK, and regional markets including Germany and Italy. Sky also sells broadband and mobile phone services, and it […]

ACI in Real Clear Markets: Time Warner Deal is Good for Consumers and Innovation

Mergers often raise antitrust concerns. This is particularly the case when direct competitors combine to form a much larger company – referred to as a horizontal merger. Because these sorts of mergers eliminate competitors and consumer choice, they can lead to a significant increase in market concentration and pose anticompetitive risks. At its core, regulatory […]

ACI in Real Clear Policy: The Netflix Free Lunch

Last month, Netflix announced an agreement whereby it would pay Comcast to boost Internet speed and reliability for the companies’ joint customers. Soon after, Netflix said it would be entering into similar agreements with other Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This comes after years of struggle between Netflix and other content providers and the ISPs, with […]

Favoring Competitors Only Undermines Competition

Last week, Google announced they would be bringing their high-speed Internet and television service, Google Fiber, to Austin, Texas. This comes on the heels of last year’ announcement that they would do the same in Kansas City, Missouri, making it the first city to get Google’s new fiber service. This new service promises 1 gigabit […]

The Power of Government over Competition

At the Consumer Electronics Show this week, when FCC regulatory chairman Julius Genachowski was asked about the FCC’s opposition to the now nixed AT&T/T-Mobile proposed merger, he replied that this was a “reminder of the benefits and power of competition.”  But his explanation of this point suggests that it is government that creates competition, not […]

Eleven AGs Say AT&T/T-Mobil Deal Should Be Approved

Accourding to a Bloomberg story, eleven Attorneys General say that AT&T’s purchase of T-Mobile USA should be accepted by regulators. citing economic benefits and much needed wireless spectrum.

Broadcasting and Cable Quotes ACI on T-Mobile Acquistion

John Eggerton’s article in Broadcasting and Cable (“Markey, Conyers Team Up Against AT&T T-Mobile Merger,” may 26, 2011) quotes ACI on the need for a private US company to rescue T-Mobile, rather than waiting for a US bailout.  The article states: ACI said a declining T Mobile needs help, from AT&T or someone else. “T-Mobile’s […]