John Eggerton’s article in Broadcasting and Cable (“Markey, Conyers Team Up Against AT&T T-Mobile Merger,” may 26, 2011) quotes ACI on the need for a private US company to rescue T-Mobile, rather than waiting for a US bailout.  The article states:

ACI said a declining T Mobile needs help, from AT&T or someone else. “T-Mobile’s spectrum needs to be fully and efficiently utilized, consumers should have access to 4G LTE technologies, and policymakers should encourage increased investment and jobs in the U.S. economy, the group said. “If a German company won’t invest in the U.S., let a U.S. company make that investment. Whether that added investment comes from AT&T is immaterial, something must be done to rescue T-Mobile.”

T-Mobile is owned by German company Deutsche Telekom.


The article can be read in its entirerty here.