Inside Sources: Klobuchar’s Antitrust Bill Reveals Lack of Understanding of Today’s Big Tech Economy

CALERA shows a misunderstanding of the current state of the big tech industry; and second, the bill fails to consider the numerous consumer benefits large tech companies have brought to U.S. consumers. Failing to place consumers at the heart of antitrust reform means any proposals can have significant long-term repercussions for the group antitrust law […]

Webinar Video: Competition, Consumer Protection, and Digital Platforms

Antitrust scrutiny of big tech continues to increase in the United States at both the federal and state level, and digital platforms are the target of these scrutiny efforts. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and a coalition of 48 state attorneys general recently filed two separate lawsuits against Facebook calling for the divestiture of Instagram […]

DOJ Should Not Follow in Europe’s Footsteps

Throughout 2020, the federal government and the U.S. Congress have been investigating and suing big tech companies for violating outdated antitrust statutes that date back to the 1890s and erroneously presume big is bad. First, the House Judiciary Committee released its long-awaited report calling for the structural separation of big tech companies, and then the […]

Would Breaking Up Big Tech Help or Harm Consumers?

Recent reporting by Politico suggests the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) “is likely to sue Facebook for antitrust violations.” While the exact nature of the allegations against Facebook is unknown, it is widely believed the FTC will claim Facebook “unfairly stifled competition as it snapped up smaller rivals and maintained a stranglehold on its user’s data.” […]

Real Clear Policy: The OECD’s Big Cash Grab

Nearly 140 countries around the world, led by the OECD, are rewriting rules that would tax high-tech and multinational companies. The proposed rules would effectively transfer tax rights between countries, including allocating shares of taxable profits, determining which country should have tax authority, and a minimum tax rate. The current proposal is little more than an opportunistic […]

VIDEO: Perspectives on the Future of Antitrust in the U.S.

Antitrust has become a very hot topic and it seems that antitrust law appears to be at a crossroads. What is the state of antitrust policy today, and what changes or developments should we expect in the future?  Speakers:• Thibault Schrepel, Assistant Professor at Utrecht University School of Law and a Faculty Affiliate at Stanford […]

Audio: An Interview with a Former FTC Commissioner on Why We Need to Preserve the Consumer Welfare Standard in Antitrust Policy

There are concerns that leading technology companies are too powerful and have too much market share, thus making them inherently dangerous and harmful to consumers, have led to growing calls to break up big tech companies and to abandon the long-standing consumer welfare standard for antitrust policy. Today, Krisztina Pusok, Director of Policy and Research […]

House Committee Report Seeks to Weaponize Antitrust Laws Against U.S. Tech

Yesterday, the majority staff at the House Judiciary Committee released a report on its investigation of competition in the digital market, recommending major changes to our longstanding antitrust laws.   The following is a statement by Dr. Krisztina Pusok, Director of Policy and Research at the American Consumer Institute: “The newly released 449-page antitrust report […]

A Serious Casualty of Antitrust Legislation: Cybersecurity

When advocates of antitrust legislation discuss reigning in large technology companies such as Apple, Facebook, or Google, they often do not fully consider the implications more stringent antitrust legislation will have on cybersecurity and the protection of consumer data. Proposals to break up large technology companies would be profoundly damaging to consumer privacy and cybersecurity […]

Real Clear Policy: The War on Big Tech Threatens Consumer Welfare

Some policymakers are seeking to expand antitrust laws to target big tech. If this expansion is not rooted in sound economic analysis, as the current laws are, who’s to say when a company is too large and powerful? Would the effort to break up or rein in big companies stretch beyond online platforms to more […]