ACI Submits Testimony on Massachusetts Legislation That Would Raise Consumer Prices for the Financial Benefit of Dealerships

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure, Bill Hearing, An Act further regulating business practices between motor vehicle dealers, manufacturers, and distributors – S239 Testimony of Krisztina Pusok, Ph.D., Director, American Consumer Institute, Washington, D.C. Chairperson and Members of the Committee, on behalf of the American Consumer Institute (ACI), I […]

Washington Examiner: Laws in All 50 States Benefit Car Dealerships at the Expense of Consumers

For decades, states have enforced anti-consumer policies that boost car dealers’ profits by sharply raising prices on American motorists. When automobiles first reached the mass market more than a century ago, manufacturers quickly settled on dealership franchises as the best distribution model. The contractual arrangements between dealerships and manufacturers meant that both parties relied on […]

Daily Caller: Corporate Welfare Is Alive And Well Among Car Dealerships

Every state has laws on the books that increase vehicle costs, essentially transferring income from the buying public to car dealers. The problem is so widespread that American consumers collectively pay $47.5 billion more per year than they would in the absence of these regulations, according to a recent study by the American Consumer Institute. […]

Daily Caller: Consumers Are Getting The Bang Stolen From Their Buck With State Regulations

Automobile dealerships have been the beneficiaries of state laws that require maker-dealer contracts with restrictions blatantly favoring the profits of dealers over the welfare of consumers. State regulations governing the maker-dealer supply channel constrict the level of competition among dealers offering the same make, according to a new study by the American Consumer Institute, costing […]

The Daily Caller: Colluding with the Automotive Dealer Cartel

This Daily Caller Piece, written by ACI researcher Alan Daley, talks about the barriers to entry facing Tesla, including the roadblocks by the Automotive Dealer Cartel.  You can read the article in the Daily Caller —