Florida’s Legislative Opportunity to Save Consumers Money

There are several important issues scheduled for this legislative session in Florida that are worth noting because they will reduce taxes and fraud, thereby saving consumers money. First, companion bills HB 7141 and SB 110 take steps to reduce cell phone taxes. Florida consumer pay over 20% tax on cell phone bills each month. For young, minorities and […]


WIRELESS TAXATION  SURVEY RESULTS    1. Should consumer cell phone tax rates be higher, lower or the same as the sales tax rates on other goods and services?             A. Higher (2%)             B. Lower (34%)             C. The same (49%)             D. DK/Refused (15%)   2. Would it be fair or unfair to require […]

American Consumer Institute Survey — Consumers Oppose Excessive Taxation on Wireless Communication Services

A national consumer survey conducted by the American Consumer Institute finds 89% of consumers oppose the imposition of higher tax rates on wireless services compared to what is levied on other goods and services.  When consumers were asked what the tax rate should be, 49% said wireless tax rate should be the same as the […]

Need to Eliminate Excessive and Discriminatory Cell Phone Taxes

Cell phone users in 47 states now pay wireless taxes that now exceed their average retail sales tax. States like Nebraska and Florida pay taxes over 20%.  Likely, as the Tax Foundation argues, state lawmakers see cell phones as a deficit-filling honeypot, a stealthy way to increase taxes without alarming their base.   State lawmakers […]

Consumer Cell Phone Taxes Are Three Times Higher Than Sales Taxes

As state budget woes grow and politically viable solutions shrink, state legislators often turn to hidden taxes and fees for extra revenue. Nowhere is this as evident as it is in on your cell phone bill, especially if you live in Nebraska (18.64%), Washington (17.95%), New York (17.78%), or any of the other 23 states […]

Nebraska Has the Highest Cell Phone Taxes in the Country: Harms Consumers

Economist Scott Mackey’s analysis shows that the average U.S. wireless subscriber pays taxes and fees on a cell-phone bill totaling 16.3 percent, compared with 7.4 percent for taxes on other goods and services.  Worst offender of these discriminatory taxes is Nebraska, where Mackey estimates state, local and federal cell-phone taxes total 23.7 percent — more […]

Former FCC Bureau Chief Seeks End to Local Barriers to Wireless Competition

October 14, 2008   Dear Chairman Martin and Commissioners: On behalf of the American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research (ACI), I am writing to urge you to place the interests of consumers nationwide ahead of parochial, and too often vague, unidentifiable, or inconsistent local government interests in matters related to timely deployment of wireless […]