1. Should consumer cell phone tax rates be higher, lower or the same as the sales tax rates on other goods and services?

            A. Higher (2%)

            B. Lower (34%)

            C. The same (49%)

            D. DK/Refused (15%)


2. Would it be fair or unfair to require consumers to pay three times higher tax rates on their cellphone service than the tax rates they pay for other goods and services?   

          A.    Yes, it’s fair (5%)

          B.     No, it’s unfair (89%)

          C.     DK or neutral (6%)


3.  A federal government report found that some states are collecting taxes and fees for the stated purpose of supporting emergency 911 services, but then use these funds for completely different purposes.  Do you think state governments should be allowed or not allowed to collect taxes for supporting emergency 911 services and then divert these funds for purposes other than public-safety?

          A. Should be allowed to divert funds (5%)

          B. Should not be allowed to divert funds (93%)

          C. DK/ Refuse    (3%)


The survey was completed on the week ending November 20th and covered a national random sample of 800 consumers. 

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The American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research is a 501c3 educational and research institute.  For more information about ACI or the survey’s details, please visit the Institute’s website at www.theamericanconsumer.org.