Town Hall: High Wireless Taxes Hurt the Poor and Innovation

High cellular taxes contribute to the digital divide between people with high and low incomes, and they slow down the rate of technological innovation. Lawmakers should be encouraging the use of these devices and not tax them. Read this opinion piece in the Town Hall.

Stop the High Taxation of Wireless Phone Services

Late last year, the House passed a bill known as the Wireless Tax Fairness Act of 2011.  The bill is an attempt to stop state and local governments from adding any new taxes for the next 5 years onto an already over-taxed service that millions of Americans currently pay for—wireless phone service.  By 2015, it’s […]

Mobile Data Users Should Not Hold Their Breath

Demand for high speed mobile data applications is strong enough to support ballooning cellular bills, and strong enough for carriers to hobble subscribers who take “unlimited data” seriously.   A cure for high prices and churlish carrier behavior is more spectrum, but that has been elusive. Consumers used to exchange physical copies of their favorite photos, […]

Another FCC Miscalculation Means Less Wireless Investment — Why Build When You Can Rent?

In the wake of the failed AT&T/T-Mobile merger, it’s interesting to look at Sprint’s recent decision to change its coverage map in Oklahoma and Kansas.  Sprint’s plan is to move major sections of these states onto roaming.  Sprints network, just as other wireless carriers networks, are becoming very taxed.  More and more people are using […]

Eleven AGs Say AT&T/T-Mobil Deal Should Be Approved

Accourding to a Bloomberg story, eleven Attorneys General say that AT&T’s purchase of T-Mobile USA should be accepted by regulators. citing economic benefits and much needed wireless spectrum.

What Others Are Saying: Groups Respond to FCC’s Wireless Competition Report

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) this week released its 15th Wireless Competition Report. The following is a collection of responses from various organizations expressing concern that the report, once again, reached no conclusion about whether the wireless market is effectively competitive:   “Even though the FCC’s Wireless Competition Report clearly illustrates robust competition for consumers […]

Spectrum Should Go To The Highest Bidder. Period.

Dropped calls and slow Internet service on smartphones will increasingly become the norm in today’s wireless world, due to the limited amount of spectrum available to wireless companies and the huge explosion in non-traditional wireless devices, such as the iPad and smartphones.  Mobile device  signals are run over radio frequency bands, similar to the way […]

Consumer Cell Phone Taxes Are Three Times Higher Than Sales Taxes

As state budget woes grow and politically viable solutions shrink, state legislators often turn to hidden taxes and fees for extra revenue. Nowhere is this as evident as it is in on your cell phone bill, especially if you live in Nebraska (18.64%), Washington (17.95%), New York (17.78%), or any of the other 23 states […]

“A Growing Burden: Taxes and Fees on Wireless Services”

Monday, March 14, 2011 — Capitol Hill Event reporting on Scott Mackey’s analysis, which found that consumer were paying wireless taxes at a rate nearly three times higher than sales taxes.  Featuring remarks from: Harry Alford, National Black Chamber of Commerce Steve Pociask, American Consumer Institute Joseph Miller, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies