Nebraska Has the Highest Cell Phone Taxes in the Country: Harms Consumers

Economist Scott Mackey’s analysis shows that the average U.S. wireless subscriber pays taxes and fees on a cell-phone bill totaling 16.3 percent, compared with 7.4 percent for taxes on other goods and services.  Worst offender of these discriminatory taxes is Nebraska, where Mackey estimates state, local and federal cell-phone taxes total 23.7 percent — more […]

American Consumers Pay 10 Cents per Minute Less and Use over 600 Minutes More than Their International Counterparts

Can 270 Million American Wireless Subscribers Be Wrong? Two years ago, a ConsumerGram summarized a number of statistical reports and found that the U.S. wireless market was lower priced, had more competition, provided more minutes per subscriber and had greater handset choice than any country in Europe, concluding that those calling for the adoption of […]