The Ticket Monopoly

Looking back at the holiday season, giving or receiving tickets to an event would seem to have been a great gift idea. It could have been tickets to a theatre play for your significant other, Christmas concerts with the family, playoff games with dad, and Christmas Foo Fighters tickets for your rebellious teenager. But this year’s […]

ACI in the Daily Caller: Anti-Consumer Ticketing on the Rise

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in a type of ticket to live entertainment and sports events that does not have the consumer’s best interests at heart.  This summer, “A-list” artists, including Arcade Fire, Eric Church, Garth Brooks and The Black Keys, will use this paperless system. From a convenience standpoint, […]

ACI in the Huffington Post: “The Scalpers from Within”

Have you ever tried to buy concert tickets and found out that all of the tickets were sold out in just a few minutes?  Blame the scalpers?  Blame the resellers?  No, it is an inside job. This article, written by ACI president Steve Pociask, talks about how performing artists, concert venues and Ticketmaster are involved in holding back […]