The Economic Standard: Antitrust Legislation Needs to Weigh the Benefits of Big Tech

While hostile rhetoric towards big tech dominates political discussions, lawmakers should consider what is at stake if overregulation harms current industries. Tech companies add enormous benefits to consumers, create millions of jobs, and contribute trillions to the national GDP. Before changing current antitrust laws, lawmakers need to consider the societal benefits of these companies. Lawmakers […]

Smart Rail Regulations Benefit Consumers

For much of the 20th century, crippling regulations prevented the American freight rail industry from operating at anything more than substantial losses. By 1980, the entire industry was on the brink of bankruptcy, and consumers were forced to absorb higher prices. But since then, regulatory reform has paved the way for a booming rail industry, […]

Wireless Arrangement to Benefit Consumers

Recently, a wireless provider announced that they will begin a new program allowing websites to pay for their users’ data consumption, rather than it being charged against a customer’s data plan. According to the plan, an AT&T customer surfing the web on their AT&T iPhone and visiting a participating website or app would not be counted for […]

Google Does Good

Google is trialing a new service that could produce significant benefits for consumers. It is called GOOG-411, a free telephone information services. Like calling information services to get a telephone number, consumers can dial 1-800-GOOG411 to get a business listing and then to be automatically connected – at no charge. The service appears to work […]