ACI in Forbes: Protecting Online Information

As consumers go online to browse websites and search for news and information, they may be completely unware that their personal data is being collected and retained by online companies. In some cases, that data is being used by these online companies to market other services, shared with affiliates, and sold to other companies. Seldom […]

Statement on the Deal Reached between Connecticut’s Attorney General and Google Regarding Consumer Privacy Violation Claims

ACI was very pleased to see that Google will be held accountable for its alleged violations of consumers’ privacy that have resulted from their collection of data from Street View.  As all consumers become increasingly concerned about privacy issues on the Internet, the extent and multitude of reported instances involving Google may suggest systematic problems […]

Steve Pociask Quoted in Anne Kadet’s Article “Printer Ink’s Murky Math,” SmartMoney Magazine, July 2009.

Anne Kadet’s article discusses the high cost of computer printer ink and correctly points out that: 1) printer costs per ink can very from 2 cents per black and white page to 14 cents, depending on the inkjet printer; 2) most manufacturers provide insufficient information on ink costs per page, which leads consumers to buy […]