The Economic Standard: How Tariffs Will Lead to Fewer Kids Playing Tabletop Games

The Trump administration recently announced that video game consoles will not be subject to the upcoming tariffs. While this might be good news for companies like Sony and Microsoft, the same benefit will not be extended to tabletop games. With increased prices on tabletop games, parents are indirectly encouraged to buy video games for their children, which […]

Consumers’ Access to Credit

During the past two years, American consumers have enjoyed vigorous economic growth.  Our second quarter GDP was 4.1%.  The beginning of November showed an annual wage growth rate of 3.1%, 7.4 million job openings, and an unemployment rate of 3.7%.  Those economic conditions welcome recent graduates and some of the marginally attached workers into employment. […]

FCC Chairman Appoints ACI President to the CAC

Today, the FCC announced that Chairman Wheeler has appointed membership to the Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC).  Steve Pociask (ACI president) was selected as one of CAC’s members, with Dr. Joseph Fuhr (professor of economics at Widener University and Senior Fellow at ACI) as an alternate to the CAC.

Dependency on Wireless Services

Our cellular and smartphones are something we now take for granted everyday, a service that was only for the uber-rich 25 years ago. Now, cellular phones are almost a necessity of life, with parents even outfitting their children with their own smartphones and even the most Luddite Americans probably have a cellular phone. And nowadays, […]

Our “Connection” to Wireless Services

A new survey confirms Americans’ reliance on wireless services as a key component enabling them to earn a living, study, and socially communicate.  The online study by McLaughlin & Associates and partnered with Penn Schoen Berland was conducted during May 23-28, 2014 for and covers likely voters with wireless services.  Overall, the results show […]

ACI Releases Consumer IP Survey, Holds Capitol Hill Event

On July 25, 2013, ACI held a widely-attended Capitol Hill event with Congressional keynote speakers and an expert panel. Intellectual property (IP) rights are being challenged by widespread theft associated with counterfeiting and the trafficking of pirated goods, which, by some estimates, contributes to hundreds of billions of dollars of economic loses.  While some point to […]

The Tax Grinch Messes with Black Friday’s Punch Bowl

We have no say in the matter – 2012’s Black Friday is approaching.  The stage is set with sales promo messages posing as real news.  Retailers have already “leaked” their best sale prices.  Store hours are being tightly dovetailed with Thanksgiving after-dinner dishwashing.  And a tempest in a teapot is being acted out on the […]

A Cruise Can Be a Consumer’s Best Vacation Value

About two-thirds of Americans plan to take one or more vacations each year.  The average spent on a four-day vacation is about $1000 for two people.  Forty percent of households plan to spend $1000-$3000 for their vacation.   At this planning level, a cruise can be wonderful experience – decent food, amusing entertainment, new acquaintances, great […]