ONLY A TEST.  On November 9, 2011, at 2 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST, which is 11 AM Pacific Time), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will conduct the first-ever nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS).  At that time, an announcement will come on every TV and […]

New National Poll Reveals Consumers Support Expanding U.S. Energy Initiatives to Create Jobs: Most See Economic Benefits, Greater Energy Independence and Lower Prices

WASHINGTON, DC – A new national poll released today finds that the vast majority of consumers support an expansion of energy projects as a way to boost job growth among American workers.  The poll also revealed that most consumers are pessimistic about the health of the economy, and the vast majority support expanding energy initiatives […]

The Internet Consumer Is Winning

In the decade ending 2010, Internet participation by American adults almost doubled from 37% to 71%, according to Pew, and two-thirds of adults now use high speed Internet.  Now, just a tenth of adults say the Internet is irrelevant to their interests, and only 4% claim it’s hard to use.  This success story is strengthening […]

“A Growing Burden: Taxes and Fees on Wireless Services”

Monday, March 14, 2011 — Capitol Hill Event reporting on Scott Mackey’s analysis, which found that consumer were paying wireless taxes at a rate nearly three times higher than sales taxes.  Featuring remarks from: Harry Alford, National Black Chamber of Commerce Steve Pociask, American Consumer Institute Joseph Miller, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies

ConsumerGram — New Survey on Wireless Satisfaction

A ConsumerGram from The American Consumer Institute (ACI) discusses consumers’ relative satisfaction with various aspects of their wireless service as measured by ACI’s annual Consumer Pulse Survey.  The survey showed that 80 percent or more of consumers polled said they were either “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with coverage, reliability, and customer service, and 77 percent reported […]

ACI Study on Retail Shopping Cited in the Examiner

ACI’s study on retail electronic goods is mentioned in this article by the examiner.  The article discusses how New York City residents do a significant amount of shopping outside of the city, in part because some big-box stores are not allowed to set up shop in the city.   The article points out that this results in lost taxes […]

FTC Drops Privacy Inquiry against Google: A Statement by ACI

FTC Drops Privacy Inquiry against Google: A Statement by Steve Pociask, American Consumer Institute October 28, 2010 America’s consumers should be extremely disturbed that the Federal Trade Commission has chosen to let Google off lightly on the serious charge of collecting sensitive personal information from consumers, potentially names, addresses, emails, passwords and usernames. Thirty-eight state […]

“Street View” Snooping?

37 State Attorney Generals are investigating Google in connection with its Street View, suggesting the possibility that, without permission, Google collected private and personal information on American consumers.  In a letter announcing the investigation, the Connecticut Attorney General asks some probing question about how Google collected its information and provides insight into the direction of the investigation.  Among several issues, the investigation is looking into whether Google collected personal consumer […]

American Consumer Institute ConsumerGram: Are Broadband Prices Too High?

American Consumer Institute ConsumerGram: Are Broadband Prices Too High? Recent findings by ACI suggest “affordability” depends on context  WASHINGTON – Today the American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research released a ConsumerGram addressing the affordability of broadband Internet service.  They find that “affordability” for a given consumer depends not only on the price of the […]