Online Survey: Internet Consumers Want Lower Prices and Better Reliability, Security and Privacy

Much of the quest for developing a nationwide broadband plan has centered on ubiquitous deployment and online speeds, some arguing for speeds well over 100 mbps.  Other policy wonks have argued that we need more competitors and still others want lower prices.  In response to one Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) attempt to slowdown bandwidth hogs […]

Are Commissioners Overcharging the Public?

This investigative report finds that the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) may be overcharging insurance companies who pass these costs along to consumers in the form of higher prices.  State laws require companies to electronically file financial and rate information with the NAIC, who set filing fees without state approval or review.  Effectively, states have given away their […]

Competition Drives Cost Savings in Auto Insurance

If one thing stands out from recent news reports on auto insurance in Georgia, it’s that economic regulation and rate review are not needed to protect the state’s consumers from rate gouging. With nearly 90 auto insurance providers in the state, Georgia consumers enjoy more competition and choice of auto insurance plans than they do […]

Citing the Poor Economy, Most American Consumers Expect to Buy Less This Holiday Compared to Last Year

Reston, VA, December 12, 2008 –– In a nationwide survey conducted by the American Consumer Institute, 93.4% of consumers say that the economy is worse than a year ago with only 1.1% saying that the economy is stronger. The results are significantly worse than the Institute’s December 2007 Consumer Pulse Survey, which found that 68.8% […]