The Hill: Antitrust Legislation Imperils Consumers and Small Businesses

Throughout 2021, Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate have proposed numerous pieces of legislation that would alter U.S. antitrust law to punish online marketplaces for allegedly abusing their market dominance. While each piece of legislation has a differing likelihood of passing both chambers, they all ignore the benefits that online marketplaces provide to […]

CALERA’s Merger Changes Could Harm Consumers

In February 2021, Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) introduced legislation designed to make it harder for corporations to engage in mergers and acquisitions. The Competition and Antitrust Law Enforcement Reform Act (CALERA) makes sweeping changes to existing antitrust law, solidifying a shift from the consumer welfare standard towards a ‘big is bad’ approach. In other words, […]

COVID-19: Mitigating Worker and Consumer Risk

As the country slowly regains its economic footing in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, consumers, employees, and their employers are working to develop the ‘new normal’ for essential and re-opened businesses. As part of this process, labor groups, such as the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, are pushing to make temporary pay increases […]

The Hill’s Congress Blog: Proposed Rail Regulations Are Bad for Consumers, Workers and the Environment

Undermining railroad investment is a dangerous risk that could eventually lead to underperformance by railroads, produce financial losses, and increase market shares for the trucking industry. As trucking increases, environmental concerns increase along with congestion and added pollution. Compared to trains, trucks create three times more pollution per ton. By one estimate, taxpayers will face […]

Washington Examiner: Laws in All 50 States Benefit Car Dealerships at the Expense of Consumers

For decades, states have enforced anti-consumer policies that boost car dealers’ profits by sharply raising prices on American motorists. When automobiles first reached the mass market more than a century ago, manufacturers quickly settled on dealership franchises as the best distribution model. The contractual arrangements between dealerships and manufacturers meant that both parties relied on […]

Proposed Taxes May Gorge on Consumer Incomes

American consumers have worked hard to diversify income sources and boost their levels of income.  Their conventional wage and salary income is often supplemented by benefit packages that include retirement-oriented plans.  Many consumers earn rents, interest payments, stock dividends and capital gains.  Some unemployed consumers receive unemployment insurance, but some do not.  A growing number […]

A Computing Question Most Consumers Will Face: Advice on Buying a Tablet, laptop or Desktop

Tablet computers have evolved beyond the novelty stage.   About 10% of U.S. adults now have a tablet computer, 57% have a laptop and 55% have a desktop.  We were drawn to consider a tablet computer by three themes; downsized gear for easier travel, a better backup storage solution and the advantages of a book reader.  […]

Regulators Should Not Be Management Consultants

Heartland Institute to Florida Insurance Commissioner: “Regulators should not be management consultants” Following The Heartland Institute’s release of Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) emails, the state’s insurance commissioner, Kevin McCarty, wrote to Heartland defending his agency’s actions in the weeks leading up to the insolvency of the Northern Capital Group of companies. Christian R. […]

American Consumer Institute Declares Strong Focus on Florida Issues; Names Florida State University Professor as Research Fellow and Launches Florida Website

WASHINGTON – The American Consumer Institute (ACI) announced today that it is placing a strong focus on statewide issues in Florida for 2010.  The organization’s announcement comes after substantial review of a variety of state issues that affect the majority of Florida’s consumers, including property insurance and telecommunications.   ACI’s Center for Citizen Research has established […]