Managing Huawei 5G Security Risks

Huawei 5G equipment carries an inherent security risk because the gear can contain covert circuitry capable of analyzing others’ information and reporting back to Beijing, or creating a cascade of failures. Huawei ‘s tight relationship with and funding from the Chinese government and military makes it a unique cyber risk if it were deployed in […]

Specialized Cyberattacks

At the retail level, hackers can seize a consumer’s identity and financial assets without leaving a trail for law enforcement to follow. Identity theft inflicts an average loss of $5,100 on each of the twelve million US victims each year.  Most of us know a relative or acquaintance whose credit card details or personal information […]

The Need for Better IoT Security

The next wave of technological improvement for consumers, and for retail and industrial applications is expected to be the Internet of Things (IoT). Some early IoT applications have shown promise. Some have created noteworthy problems such as security failures. IoT devices and software are seldom equipped with adequate safeguards that prevent hackers from taking control […]

Is A Quiet Cyber War Replacing The Cold War?

Wannacry (aka Wannacrypt) is a cyberattack worm that encrypts data on a computer and asks for a ransom payment in order to decrypt that data. The victimized computers cannot perform their normal functions, and cannot retrieve from their databases. Wannacry was spreading rapidly through Western Europe and the US during mid-May 2017. Wannacry might well […]

Enough Blame to Go Around

Software makers invariably leave security vulnerabilities in their products. They take pains to remove bugs and most test the software thoroughly to reveal shortcomings. They rarely catch all the potential problems even when they apply a lot of time, skill and money. Those who claim software can be thoroughly debugged and vulnerability-free reveal their inexperience […]

Cyberattacks Keep Coming

Fighting today’s cyber malware is not like the game of “whack a mole.”   There used to be something satisfying about whacking the mole back under the game surface.  Back then our computers could be worm and virus free if we used smart passwords, antivirus protection, and we resisted social engineering scams.  But today’s malware attacks […]

In Cybersecurity, Some Regulations May Hike Productivity

Cyberattacks are distressingly common.  Chronicles of these criminal attacks against US government institutions and corporations are much alike — private information for thousands or millions of victims is exposed to misuse by criminals who are seldom identified or caught.  The database operator offers its regrets to the consumer victims and as penance pays for a […]

Observations on Enhancing National Cybersecurity

The worldwide damage inflicted by cyberattacks is estimated to be $575 billion per year, of which $125 billion is here in the US. Those who steal personal financial information rack up charges on credit cards causing a loss to credit card companies or retailers. Sometimes the criminals engage in the more damaging identity theft from […]

ACI in Forbes: Cybersecurity Alert … Your GPS Works, but Not For Long

On September 1, 1983, Korean Airlines Flight 007 accidentally strayed into the Soviet Union’s airspace and was shot down by a Soviet Su-15 Interceptor, falling into the Sea of Japan and killing 269 passengers and crew, including about two dozen children and U.S. Congressman Larry McDonald. Ridiculously, the Soviets initially denied it, but later claimed […]

ACI in the Daily Caller: When It’s your turn to Be Hacked!

Willie Sutton said he goes after banks because that is where the money is. Hackers go after retail databases because that’s where the data is. Willie’s banks knew they’d been robbed when they heard bullets hitting the wall. Today’s retail outlets may get a firewall breach alarm but confirmation comes when banks start telling the […]