The Coming Battle over Encrypt-Decrypt Certification

With disturbing frequency, cyberattacks on government institutions, infrastructure and commercial firms are being reported.  Attacks on government agencies seem to emanate from nation-state rivals such as Russia, China, and Iran.  The attacks are usually probes for intelligence on military strength or for design data on advanced military technologies.  Russia used this strategy to monitor Ukrainian […]

ACI in Real Clear Policy: Waiting Until the Cyber Damage Is Done

The cyber intrusions we face are serious. Civilian cyber-criminals inflict problems ranging from nuisances to theft, as happened at Target and Adobe. Now the curious Heartbleed vulnerability inconveniences consumers, requiring extensive password replacements. Less known but more serious are cyber-attacks by nation states, which threaten our economic vigor and the functioning of our infrastructure. China’s […]

Reduce the Net Payoff from Hacking

Chinese hackers made the headlines in May when Washington confessed that Chinese army officers are behind cyber-attacks to collect U.S. intellectual property and military strategies.  It is unclear if the army hackers are on a commercial mission, doing espionage, or perhaps both. In April, Spanish police charged a man with a massive distributed denial of […]