ACI Files Reply Comments On FCC Proposed Wireless Regulations

Before the FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION Washington, DC 20554     In the Matter of                                                        )                                                                                 ) Empowering Consumers to avoid Bill Shock             )         GN Docket No. 10-207                                                                                 ) Consumer Information and Disclosure                       )         CG Docket No. 09-158          Reply Comments of The American Consumer Institute   The American Consumer […]

ACI Survey Findings Raise Doubt on Proposed FCC Regulations

Survey Finds Most Consumers Do Not Check Cell Phone Usage Despite Available Tools Findings Cast Doubt on Proposed FCC Regulations, ACI Says in Filing WASHINGTON- February 3, 2011- A survey released today by the American Consumer Institute (ACI) finds that although aware of their availability, the majority of consumers do not regularly use tools that […]

American Consumer Institute Calls for FTC Action: What Vacuum Cleaners Manufacturers Don’t Want You to Know

Stephen B. Pociask The razor and razor blade business model is alive and well. The name derives from the practice of the inventor of disposable razor blades, King C. Gillette, who commenced more than a century ago, the marketing practice of selling the permanent platform (razors) at or below cost and the consumable complement to […]

CNBC BLOG — Pociask Calls for Increased Industry Transparency

Cost Transparency Is The New Black: Research Group A number of businesses have made significant profits by leveraging a razor & blade business model, introduced and perfected by Gillette. The name derives from the marketing practice of selling the permanent platform (razors) at or below cost and the consumable complement to the platform (blades) at […]

Vacuum Manufacturers Cleaning Up; Consumers Pay Hidden Costs

Study urges FTC to require new industry standard to disclose hidden variable expenses Washington, DC (October 5, 2010) – Once consumers buy a vacuum cleaner, they are often unwittingly locked into paying much more for expensive accessories required for its operation, including bags, belts and various filters, according to a study conducted by TeleNomic Research […]

Consumers Support Better Ink Cartridge Labeling

Our online poll of 102 readers found that 96% wanted manufacturers to be required to disclose the cost of printing on printers and printer cartridges.  Because of the lopsidedness of the tally, the error rate in this poll would be plus or minus 3.9%, assuming respondents are representative of the general population.  Clearly, consumers want more information […]

“Street View” Snooping?

37 State Attorney Generals are investigating Google in connection with its Street View, suggesting the possibility that, without permission, Google collected private and personal information on American consumers.  In a letter announcing the investigation, the Connecticut Attorney General asks some probing question about how Google collected its information and provides insight into the direction of the investigation.  Among several issues, the investigation is looking into whether Google collected personal consumer […]

Steve Pociask Testifies at New Jersey Hearing

New Jersey State Assemblyman Paul Moriarty introduced legislation that would require printer ink manufacturers to label ink cartridges.  At a June 10th hearing by the Consumer Affairs Committee, Steve Pociask presented information on the issue, concluding that manufacturers need to do a better job of product labeling in order to give consumers the information they need to make good buying […]

Information Please

IT Consumers Need Fuller Disclosure: Privacy, Security, Labeling and Online Safety   Consumers can make rational choices only when they are given full and accurate information about their options.  Indeed, insufficient, misleading, or otherwise incomplete information is a prime cause of both market and government failure.  Consumers pay, and pay dearly, when they are not […]