Steve Pociask Testifies at New Jersey Hearing

New Jersey State Assemblyman Paul Moriarty introduced legislation that would require printer ink manufacturers to label ink cartridges.  At a June 10th hearing by the Consumer Affairs Committee, Steve Pociask presented information on the issue, concluding that manufacturers need to do a better job of product labeling in order to give consumers the information they need to make good buying decisions.  His research showed that consumers are spending too much for ink, because manufacturers are not disclosing the cost of printing before they purchase a computer printer.  In some cases, the cost of the printer may be only 10-15% the lifetime ink cost of owning and using a printer.


One thought on “Steve Pociask Testifies at New Jersey Hearing

  1. It surely is important that consumers know how much it costs to print using a particular type and model of printer. As a paying customer, one should know how much it is to print a page and how much of the ink is being used to print such so that the person using the printer would know which unit is more economical. To know which one is best is really up to the consumer to decide, but it is important to know just how much is spent per page just so we can come up with a better buying decision than with what we’re doing now.

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