ICYMI: Consumer Protections Wins and Fails: Tech 1.0

If you missed part one of our new webinar series you can watch it HERE now. On Tuesday, we gathered leading policy experts to tackle some of the toughest issues facing consumers in tech policy. Panelists discussed how future consumer protections are shaping up, from privacy legislation and what to do about robocalls, to the […]

The Divergence Between Reality and TV Ownership Regulations

The Internet revolution is changing our lives in terms of how we shop, where we work, how we bank, how we communicate and get local news, and where we receive music and video content. However, while there has been an explosion of local news and content sources online, the regulations that govern related markets have […]

5G Won’t Ruin Your Weather Forecast

The FCC is continuing to move quickly to free up spectrum for use by next-generation 5G networks that promise to deliver blazing fast speeds and usher in transformative new technologies. Unfortunately, misleading claims by some government officials could delay 5G’s rollout, depriving consumers of an estimated $1.8 trillion in benefits and endangering America’s leadership in […]

Coalition Sends a Letter to the FCC Calling for Expanding the Flexible Use of Spectrum

To a coalition of groups, consisting of the American Consumer Institute, American Enterprise Institute, Tech Freedom, Lincoln Network, Competitive Enterprise Institute and R-Street Institute, filed a letter with the FCC today.  The letter calls for using the secondary market to speed the allocation of C-Band spectrum — 3.7 to 4.2 GHz Band — in order […]

Updating KidVid Rules Is Good for Everyone

A large coalition of consumer advocacy groups and public policy organizations is urging the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to adapt its KidVid rules governing children’s educational programming to the changing media landscape. “In light of the significant transformations in the children’s video programming marketplace in the decades since the Commission adopted many of the KidVid […]

FCC Renews Its Charter for the Consumer Advisory Committee

Today, the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission announced the renewal of the charter of the Commission’s Consumer Advisory Committee, the appointment of members for the  two-year term, and the Committee’s next meeting. The announcement selected 25 groups and individuals to participate on the committee and appointed Steve Pociask, president of ACI, as the Committee’s […]

Coalition Sends FCC Letter in Support of KidVid Programming Reforms

ACI joined a coalition  letter to the Federal Communications Commission in support of its pending Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding its so-called “KidVid” regulations. With the advent of the internet and the significant transformations in the children’s video programming marketplace in recent decades, the current rules governing children’s educational program is ripe for reform and […]

The FCC Needs to Continue Progress on Broadcast Ownership Rules

The media landscape today bears little resemblance to what it was 20 or even 10 years ago. New platforms are emerging, transforming the market and giving consumers an unprecedented selection of news and entertainment accessible through a dizzying array of devices and systems. But archaic government regulations have been slow to adapt to this new […]

VLEO Satellites for Consumer Internet Access

Very low earth orbit satellites (VLEO) will provide a fresh source of bandwidth to consumers in the next 6 to 10 years.  VLEO’s are intended to play a significant role in connecting consumers’ Internet of Things devices to the web.  They will provide an especially useful pathway to the internet for the approximately 3.5 billion […]

Hundreds of Local TV Stations Have Moved to New Channels; Here’s What Viewers Need to Know

More than 140 TV stations in over 20 media markets throughout the United States — including Phoenix, Memphis, and Salt Lake City — have moved to new channels, and hundreds more will follow suit in the next 18 months. Households in these areas who use an antenna to watch free broadcasts need to rescan their […]